NOTE: "Inferno IBO Illegal Shafts" are NOT Fusion Rod system compatible and the static spine in this one model is not able to be adjusted like all of our other shafts.  You CANNOT ADJUST THE STATIC SPINE OF THIS "Inferno IBO Illegal FOC KING Shaft" MODEL!!!



Stock "Inferno IBO Illegal Shafts" are our most economical, lightest and fastest steel footed shafts for antelope with 100-315 grain broadheads through elephant with 600 grain broadheads.  This option is reserved for the FOC KING base shaft platform only. 




The "Inferno IBO Illegal FOC KING Shafts" have the following specs:


Straightness = .001 @ 35.5 inches long


Shaft Weight 6.2 Grains Per Inch


Static Spine = NON FUSION ROD ADJUSTABLE 325 Spine


70S-50R Alloy Insert = 20 Grains


Steel Footing = 5 Grains


Nock = 5.5 Grains





Approximate Total Arrow Weight = 6.2 Grains Per Inch multiplied your arrow length + the component weights as listed above + weight of your preferred feathers or fletchings + lighted nocks or wraps if you desire to run either of them + your preferred broadhead weight 









"Inferno IBO Illegal Shafts" are banned by most target archery sanctioning bodies do to their sub five grains per bow draw pounds with some arrow point configurations, unprecedented feet per second arrow speeds and/or target damage by the new Proprietary Mammoth SR Stainless Steel External Footings, TM. "Inferno IBO Illegal Shafts" come with all of the machined inserts and components loose in the package. "Inferno IBO Illegal FOC King Shafts" can be used for antelope through elephant hunting and with 75 grain - 600 grain broadheads.


Includes Everything Pictured Below



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