Bishop R&D based stout, small surface area long-range cnc machined broadhead designs

versus metal injection molded (mim) constructed broadheads.

























Edge-bevel integrity and robustness via bevel design, materials and appropriate heat treat is one of the most important, if not the single most important broadhead metrics.  It is also one of the most overlooked and misunderstood metrics of modern society and in modern bowhunting, more specifically related to broadhead applications. 


Your commercialized pro-shop or big-box store broadhead bevels shave all the hair off your arm.  Well that is really cute buttercup, but edge-bevel integrity through offside ribs is relevant for broadhead applications, where as perceived sharpness is not a relevant metric at all.  Regardless what your pro-shop or 101 bowhunting safety course instructor told you about a sharp broadhead, they were and continue to be wrong.  We have videos of our single-bevels shaving, but it really does not matter and most "super sharp" bevel degree angle designs fail to maintain edge-bevel integrity on impact. 


TAKE NOTE:  Edge-bevel integrity through body cavities and offside ribs is much more ESSENTIAL and relevant to cutting from 10 Feet Per Second (FPS) on up arrow thrusts than perceived sharpness, or even edge-bevel retention of various bevel designs.  This is a fact both before and after the shot of the arrow/bolt...therefore the saying "one and done" or "I throw them away and replace them with scalpel sharp replacement blades" is a pretty dogmatic, uneducated and ignorant approach to how broadhead bevels actually cut on arrow impact.


Bishop edge-bevel designs, tool steels and heat treat yields the most edge-bevel retention in history, but this is not a very important broadhead metric either.  Our industry leading edge-bevel integrity through offside ribs is much more important of a metric than edge-bevel retention in real life cutting.  We challenge any other broadhead on earth in this often misunderstood, yet ESSENTIAL METRIC of real life cutting on deer through dangerous game via edge-bevel structural integrity of both single-bevel and double-bevel broadhead tipped arrows.


Wimpy 25 degree single-bevels and 18-22 degree double-bevels flooded throughout the market are nothing like Bishop's thick bladed 40 degree single-bevels and 60 degree double-bevels.  Our broadhead specific bevel designs, materials and appropriate heat treating is second to none.  Don't trust "one and done" commercialized celebrity face shaving 18-22 degree bevel broadheads, or over heat treated dg heads out there for the shot that you just invested months of preseason work to take.  Pick up a pack of our patent pending machined heads today and shoot them into anything you want...over and over and over again.  If you somehow break one of our heads, or edge-bevels inside of the animal of a lifetime, or inside of any animal, or any object on earth then we will send you a new broadhead for life.  As of December 23, 2017 we have had only four structural integrity warranty claims.  More importantly, we offer unmatched peace of mind cutting inside of body cavities for edge-bevel integrity through offside ribs on that animal that you spent the whole off-season investing your time, money and sweat equity into with food plots, stands, glassing and scouting. 


Nothing is indestructible, but from 10 FPS on up arrow velocities into all body cavities on earth our bevels will perform real life cutting for you every single time, where others fall back on random mechanical cutting when the bevel, or even the broadhead itself fails on impact.  Bishop industry leading edge-bevel integrity research and development now allows you to cut through offside ribs like never before, but not just on a single body cavity.  The broadhead pictured below was shot into concrete bricks and plate steel by broadhead enthusiast and prolific bowhunter, John Lusk.  He then went out and harvested several animals with the same exact broadhead pictured below, until loosing it on a passthrough. 


Maintaining broadhead edge-bevel integrity inside of body cavities and through offside ribs is an essential metric for real life broadhead tipped arrow cutting.  Perceived broadhead sharpness metrics are not relevant, appropriate, or indicative as to how well a broadhead will predictably cut when tipped on the end of a propelled arrow into big game.  Edge-bevel structural integrity inside of body cavities and through offside ribs is a tall order, but broadhead bevel designs and materials that cannot accomplish this are worthless to us, when it comes to predictable cutting on good shoots, let alone "bad shots."