3:1 based mechanical advantage Ashby style single-bevel broadheads were always a pragmatic endeavor since before the onset of Howard Hill's misconceived social promotion of 3:1 double-bevels.  There are even worse performance effects on single-bevels where the thinner bladed and longer 3:1 heads cannot efficiently perform work across two planes very efficiently to bone breech or even get out of their own way at times.  3:1 mechanical advantage remains highly effective for inclined planes from pushing a wheelchair up a ramp to several other things that we never do with double-bevel or single-bevel broadheads. 


Just as a modern society of bowhunters that confuse sharpness as being more important than bevel design and edge-bevel integrity through offside ribs for real life cutting in broadhead the two have an inverse relationship. 


Just as a modern society of bowhunters that confuse attributes of good knives and scalpels as being good for broadhead applications and the list goes on and on from the highest rockwell hardness to the sharpest 20 degree single-bevel and numerous other things that might be ok for a knife, but not a single-bevel broadhead application.


Bishop's R&D BMA driven single-bevels are number one to broadhead report style 3:1 and 25 degree bevel broadhead designs grain per grain in the following single-bevel broadhead metrics:


1. Penetration

2. Bone Breaching

3. Passthrough

4. Entrance Hole Size

5. Laceration Channeling

6. Blood On Ground

7. Structural Integrity

8. Edge-Bevel Retention

9. Edge-Bevel Integrity

10. Anti-Tip Curl

11. Blade Thickness

12. Surface Area

13. Long Range Flight


Our Patent Pending Bidirectional Mechanical Advantage (BMA) Driven Scientific Method Single-Bevels often make "OK Sign" entrance holes drastically different from inferior 3:1 broadhead report style 25 degree single-bevel "S" slits. 


The shorter, thicker and steeper the blade angles and the bevel angle...the more single-bevels are able to perform bone breaching work across two planes at the same time.  A side effect is that our short and stout bone popping patent pending heads fly better out of longbows through crossbows, retain their edge bevel integrity through offside ribs better all while bone breaching more for us than traditional broadhead report stye single-bevels flooded throughout the market. 


The honey hole size "OK Sign" entrance channels in pictures above and below are from ultra-long-range flight Bishop BMA R&D driven two-blade broadheads.  Most important is the initial BMA energy dump into the heavy bone popping effort across two planes at the same time that Ashby style 25 degree single bevel 3:1 broadheads cannot compete with regardless of how popular it is to promote the broadhead reports as scripture. 




The more a single-bevel is like a traditional broadhead report 3:1 25 degree or less bevel design...the worse it bone breaches into vitals and the worse it cuts with edge bevel integrity through offside ribs.  The worse it flys and the worse it is.  We have passionately made ultra-long 25, 20 and even 15 degree broadhead report 3:1 single-bevels with our own time and money that progressively got worse in every single way.  We certainly could never warranty a broadhead report style single-bevel made out of any material.  Also, there is no upside to an Ashby style 3:1 single-bevel design compared to a Bidirectional Mechanical Advantage based single-bevel design, regardless of bowhunting foundations or passionate fixed mindsets. 

We hold Howard Hill and Ed Ashby in the highest of regards.  But back in 2012 after wasting time and money almost to the point of bankruptcy chasing broadhead report blueprints of what constitutes a good single-bevel, we were the first to start cutting the bevel in the opposite direction of The Ashby Reports.  We were also the first to shorten our heads and shunt material into our blade thickness, edge bevels and ferrules amongst several other BMA design features that are the complete opposite of what is written in the Ashby Reports.  Arbitrary 3:1 mechanical advantage social phenomenons, 25 degree and less single-bevels, over heat treated breaking instead of bending, traditional tanto tips and several other attributes of the ideal Ashby style single-bevel were scrapped.  You would have thought we had burnt the American Flag when some people found out about this when we opened to the public in 2016.  It is ironic that now many of these same people and companies try to feebly imitate our Bishop Archery BMA driven single-bevel designs and industry leading materials.    

Just like different tastes and flavors of ice cream there is nothing wrong with 3:1 and 25 degree or less bevel designs, but we have moved to our BMA designs in 2012 after being the most loyal broadhead report and 3:1 fanatics for years.  As of this 2023 writing, it has been over decade since we have moved on from 3:1 mechanical advantage and broadhead report single-bevel designs with our own flavor of BMA driven single-bevels.

To purchase Howard Hill 3:1 Broadheads then go to Howard Hill's website.

To purchase broadheads that dominate in Ashby Foundation "research" then go to the broadhead companies that either make broadheads in the blueprint of the Ashby Reports and/or that donate money to the Ashby Foundation, display the Ashby Foundation Seal on their website and hyperlink to the Ashby Reports on their website.

To purchase our broadheads then realize we have already built broadheads in the blueprint of the broadhead reports with our own time and limited money and that we already know all about 3:1 and every page of the reports for several years now.  We have moved forward over a decade ago now. 

We will not build you the world's toughest 15 degree single-bevel that is 4:1 mechanical advantage and 7/8 inch cutting diameter that breaks off from being over heat treated instead of bending, as because as good as these things sound after reading the broadhead is worse in every way.  We have received annoying and time sucking telephone calls requesting this every single week for several years from an influx of people diligently reading Ashby's Broadhead Reports.  Yes, it will be the sharpest single-bevel in the world with the 15 degree bevel, but at that point maybe just shoot a double-bevel as not much left in the single-bevel to energy dump twist and pop open a bone split.  Not to mention the 15 degree surgical sharp bevel transformation to doorknob dull and edge-bevel chatter from the back of your thumbnail or from sliding your arrow into your quiver foam.  Imagine what animal hide does to a razor sharp 15 degree bevel to completely dull it on impact to run dull through the entire body cavity let alone how it sheds all of it's sharpness on bone. 

It doesn't matter how many times you sharpen it, strop it, or meticulously run it over cardboard with compound and shave your arm hair with it to be an "ethical hunter" if your style of 25 degree and under single-bevel broadheads dull from putting your arrows into your quiver foam.  There is no such thing as Bishop BMA over rotating on the initial bone split effort to pop heavy bone, or too much 40 degree single-bevel edge-bevel integrity.  You can get a 40 degree single-bevel to shave arm hair, but more importantly a 40 degree bevel does not loose all it's sharpness or edge bevel integrity like 25 degree and less single-bevels do. 

We created this page to reclaim our time to focus on our paying clients after spending thousands of hours on the telephone with people that are not paying clients, but passionate about "The Ashby Reports" or that Googled them and want to tell us about their expertise on broadheads on a daily basis.  We already know as detailed above and that is why we sent you a link to this page when you called us on the phone today.  Now, we can just link to this page as we don't have a couple hours everyday to take calls from millions of people that have just read the Ashby reports, or that are Ashby fanatics.  We are Ashby fanatics too, but we have transitioned to BMA and other single-bevel concepts over a decade ago. 

We have to reclaim our time for our paying clients.  There are plenty of broadhead companies that produce longer 3:1 Ashby style 25 degree single bevels and/or donate money to the Ashby Foundation.  Please call them if that is what you want and no matter what broadhead you shoot we are praying for you, your family and your bowhunting.