After opening on July 4th of 2016 and selling thousands of machined heads, we received our very first lifetime warranty claim in April of 2017...RA#1.  As of this writing we have a single lifetime structural integrity warranty claim!  Not many, if any broadhead company can say the same thing. 


Here is a picture of the head.  We were told it hit a steel stake by a hardcore bowhunter practicing at longer range. The first lifetime warranty claim and head we have ever received is in the picture below. It still looks good in the picture, but no longer spin tests after impacting a steel stake. 


Of course, we sent this valued client out a new Dicing Drill.  Please take advantage of our lifetime structural integrity warranty, if you find a way to break any of our heads. We make things tougher than anybody on the planet and will take on any broadhead on earth for structural integrity.





Please file lifetime structural integrity warranty claims on our patent pending machined broadheads if you can somehow break them!!! They are yours for life and we will be happy to replace them if you can ever break any of our brands of broadheads.  Here is how it works:


Lifetime Broadhead Replacement Structural Integrity Warranty: If you ever find a way to somehow bend, tip-curl, or break one of our high-end proprietary steel Pipeline, Bridgeport, or Bishop CNC Machined Broadheads tipped on the end of your arrow, then simply email a picture of the broken broadhead with your name and contact information to Bishop Archery will then email you back a Return Authorization # (RA#).

The damaged or broken broadhead must be sent back to Bishop Archery for inspection to determine if it is a counterfeit, or authentic Pipeline, Bridgeport or Bishop Broadhead. The original packaging portion of the red and blue QR codes and UPC barcode must be enclosed in your return shipment to help prevent eBay counterfeiters and other thieves from stealing Bishop Archery’s patent pending broadheads and flooding USA’s economy with inferior-imitation pieces of junk from Taiwan and China.  The lifetime warranty is for the original purchaser of the broadheads.  

To be clear, no warranty, replacement, or guarantee in the outdoor industry can recall the arrow traveling through time toward the animal. Our only focus is to produce the toughest and most lethal data driven broadheads in the world across multiple metrics. This Lifetime Broadhead Structural Integrity Warranty only exists to ensure our paying clients that these are the last broadheads they will ever have to purchase in their lifetime as long as they do not lose the broadheads. 

The return broadhead must NOT be shipped in a regular envelope as they will not pass through the US Mail System. All broadheads must be shipped in a small United States Post Office Flat Rate Box.  Bishop Archery reserves the right to replace broadheads with similar retail priced broadheads at anytime when broadhead model designs are either improved, or discontinued.  Bishop Archery, Bridgeport Archery and Pipeline Archery reserves the right to improve or discontinue broadheads, broadhead inventories, models and other products at anytime.  The returned broadhead, along with the QR and UPC codes should all be sent in the same small box to:


RA# (write your RA# in this space)

Bishop Archery

PO Box 382

Hannibal, NY 13074


NOTE: None of the fieldpoints have a lifetime warranty.