From self-bows and longbows to crossbows

Bishop's R&D BMA Driven Single-Bevels are number one to broadhead report

style designs in the following single-bevel broadhead metrics:

1. Penetration

2. Bone Breaching

3. Passthrough

4. Entrance Hole Size

5. Laceration Channeling

6. Blood On Ground

7. Structural Integrity

8. Edge-Bevel Retention

9. Edge Bevel Integrity

10. Anti-Tip Curl

11. Blade Thickness

12. Surface Area

13. Long Range Flight


Our Patent Pending Bidirectional Mechanical Advantage (BMA) Driven Scientific Method Single-Bevels often make "OK Sign" entrance holes drastically different from inferior 3:1 broadhead report style 25 degree single-bevel "S" cuts.

The shorter, thicker and steeper the blade angles and the bevel angle...the more single-bevels are able to perform bone breaching work across two planes at the same time, regardless of what you think you may or may not know about single-bevel broadhead efficiency design characteristics. A side effect is that our short and stout bone busting patent pending heads fly better out of longbows through crossbows, retain their edge integrity through offside ribs better...all while edge-bevel chattering less and tip curling less and bone breaching more for us than traditional broadhead report stye single-bevels flooded throughout the market.

The "OK Sign" entrance hole laceration channel above and below was achieved with the 200 Grain Bishop Scientific Method Two-Blade Broadhead. The deer kept unknowingly feeding for 60 seconds or so after broadhead passthrough, until expiring in as humane of a way as possible with archery tackle.



Bishop Bidirectional Mechanical Advantage R&D driven two-blade bone breaching and "OK Sign" entrance channels are nothing like broadhead report style single-bevel "S" slitting broadheads flooded throughout the market.

The honey hole size "OK Sign" entrance channels in pictures above and below are from ultra-long-range flight 125 Grain Bishop BMA R&D Driven Two-Blade Broadheads.




While traditional 3:1 mechanical advantage 25 degree bevel broadhead report style single-bevels that "everybody and their brother" cites are good compared to the sea of full page advertisement celebrity broadheads...Bishop's Patent Pending Bidirectional Mechanical Advantage (BMA) Driven Single-Bevels are absolutely nothing like single bevel broadhead report heads in design or function. Just say no to unbreached bone, edge bevel integrity chatter, large surface areas and over heat treated 3:1 style single bevels forever.

Made in USA Bishop R&D BMA Single-Bevels versus broadhead report style 3:1 MA 25 degree single-bevels are like

"taking candy from a baby" at =Any=Time=Anywhere=Anyplace=>