After spending all of that money booking a buffalo hunt of a lifetime increase your chances of eliminating firearm dispatch with our Bidirectional Mechanical Advantage driven 600 Grain Momentum Monster! 

This head does more than set you up for success!  It literally turns the tables on firearm dispatch rates and is like nothing else on the planet for deer through dangerous game.

It achieves perfect compound bow arrow flight with any common 300 static spine arrow through our 0 static spine GOAT arrow with release aid. 

It manipulates dynamic spine for traditional archery finger release shooters to enable the use of more robust and stiffer static spine arrows for optimal archers paradox off the bow shelf. 

It is the most forgiving FOC friendly broadhead we offer for crossbow, compound, recurve and longbow. 

It's structural integrity, momentum, BMA and heavy bone breaching capabilities is second to nothing else on the planet. 

For the ultimate set-up click here to couple it with our Mammoth Steel Footed Arrows.


600 Grain Scientific Method

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