PINK TUSK FUSION RODS measure in at just over 32 inches long (32 & 5/8 inches) and they modify the static spine of FOC KING SHAFTS, FAD ELIMINATOR SHAFTS and GOAT SHAFTS. 

All PINK TUSK FUSION RODS come with the patent pending machined connecting rods fully fused with Cold Carbon 72 to the carbon tube.  

This PINK TUSK FUSION ROD weighs approximately...


The whole uncut 32 & 5/8 inch long PINK TUSK FUSION ROD weighs approximately 325 GRAINS.

PINK TUSK FUSION RODS can be cut from the back on any standard high speed arrow saw to any length desired or left full length.

All PINK TUSK FUSION RODS are .001 Straightness @ 32 inches long and constructed from the best Proprietary Toray USA Prepreg for a whole new level of arrow shaft long range flight and structural integrity domination.  

Modify Structural Integrity, GPI, GPI Zones, Static Spine, Static Spine Zones, Arrow Nodes, FOC, FOC Driven Side Wind Resistance, Stiff Side Spine, First Bend, Second Bend, or just about any other arrow performance metric that you want to with these PINK TUSK FUSION RODS














Free Fusion Rod Wrench and Free Removal Tool Included As Pictured Below




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