Our accurate field points are precision machined in America with our Independence Industries Proprietary Alloy all the way up to 315 grains!  Independence Industries Proprietary "Amber Waves of Grain" Plated Machined Field Points.


Our test packs are skimpy on the more commonly available 100 and 125 grain field points that everybody already has.  They are heavy on the 150-315 grain field points with two of each weight from 150 grains on up to 315 grains for the best 100-315 grain test pack bang for your buck on the planet exclusively at www.bishoparchery.com


Independence Industries

"Amber Waves of Grain"

One Dozen

Made in USA

Field Point Test Pack


Includes quantity of 1 field point in the following grains:




...also includes a quantity of 2 field points in the following grains for the

biggest 315 grain test pack bang for the buck in the industry:






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