Many  Dangerous Game Bowhunts start with an arrow and quickly end with firearm dispatch.  This is ok as it is truly Dangerous Game and most common bowhunters have no idea just how dangerous this is and how much of an accomplishment it is to harvest DG with a bow, followed by firearm dispatch from the Professional Hunter.  After spending all of that money and time, increase your chances of eliminating firearm dispatch on all 1,000 grain on up total arrow weight builds with our most manipulated and largest 40 degree high revolution edge-bevel in this 600 Grain FOC King Momentum Monster! 


The Ashby Reports should be cherished and celebrated.  However like all research they represent a baseline data-set and not a gospel doctrine written in stone.  As researchers it is our responsibility to push far ahead from where The Ashby Reports left off and this is the only way to significantly improve single-bevel broadhead performance across multiple metrics.  OUR HEADS ARE NOT THE SAME AS ASHBY REPORT STYLE SINGLE-BEVEL BROADHEADS!!!  While our 315 Grain Scientific Method and 500 Grain 3 blade #BLOODFLOODZ 3 DG are cool broadheads and both are for deer through elephant hunting, they just do not compare to our 600 Grain Scientific Method for FOC, Momentum, Structural Integrity and "S" bone breaching.  While we will leave our Bishop 315 Grain at home and put our economy Bridgeport 315 Grain up against the competition's 315 Grain Single Bevel any day of the week...this 600 Grain head is the best tool we have to attempt to prevent firearm dispatch on the DG Bowhunts of a lifetime. 


Your Points of Impact (POI) with a 1,000 grain on up total arrow weight are the same with the same total arrow weights, regardless if you have a 315 grain head, or a 600 grain head.  You loose nothing in POI and gain FOC and substantial structural integrity over our own 315 grain broadheads.  Again, most DG Bowhunts end in firearm dispatch by the ph and that is ok, as it is still an awesome accomplishment that most common bowhunters will never understand, but this head figuratively and literally turns the tables on firearm dispatch rates forever.  All of our broadheads are cherished like our own babies, but this 600 Grain head is in a class all by itself, even to all of our own heads for DG. 


This head does more than set you up for success, it literally turns the tables on firearm dispatch rates and is like nothing else on the planet for DG.  It achieves perfect arrow flight with any common 300 spine arrow and is the most forgiving FOC friendly broadhead we offer.









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