#BLOODFLOODS #BMA drilling “S” Predictable Chaos laceration holes rivaling

           three blade, four blade, mechanical, expandable and other single bevel designs

           of all cutting diameters.      


            PATENT PENDING:    


             > World’s 1st mass-produced single bevel head of 3X impact resistant S7 TOOL STEEL!

             > First 630 grain, 4 inch long cutting blade dangerous game broadhead manufacturer.

             > On July 4th 2016 released the thickest bladed broadhead ever mass produced in the world.

             > Industry leading Bidirecitonal Mechanical Advantage (BMA) research and development.      

             > Statistical propensity for “S” Predictable Chaos (SPC) bone splitting & gaping exit holes.

             > S7 STEEL...plus 40 degree blade & trailing edge single bevel = robust edge retention.

             > Conical ferrule, no bloodgroves/indentations, or noisy vents thus increasing BMA & SPC.

             > 58 Rockwell S7, where stainless & inferior tool steels become brittle at this hardness.

             > .072” THICK, or THICKER proprietary coated blades on ALL of our models.

             > Modern anti-tip curl sub 3:1 ratios fly at all FPS with field-tip POI past 100 yards (630 gr. n/a).

             > Research driven 3X anti-tip curl cut on contact tanto tip machined out of S7 Tool Steel.

             > 3X less propensity for broadhead and spin testing failure even after hardest of hits.

             > One-piece S7 machined tool steel spin test perfection, wind drift resistant & quiet in flight.

             > Shorter, stouter, S7 machined tool steel thick bladed, high FPS compatible drilling designs.

             > Multiple metric USA birthed Patent Pending >>>=========>   “World’s Most Lethal”


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Dominates other single bevel designs in torture tests. S7 steel makes all the differance.

Did a torture test on some broadhead and arrow shafts in reply to Eastman's Hunting Journals' youtube post. Only one broadhead, even compared to some very good single bevel designs, broke through bone every time, even when the arrow shaft failed... that was the Bishop 315 grain. For what it's worth, the only shaft in my test that did not have a single failure was the Easton FMJ. It's a pity the Victory VAP's and even the Grizzly Stick momentum had 100% failure rates from impacting the cow femurs because I can get a very high FOC easily. I will retry the VAP's with an 1816 aluminum footing later.