REBAR WSS is the world's stiffest arrow shaft and has zero deflection (zero spine).





.001 Straightness at 33 inches long and must be shot at the full length as is a full length fused platform/foundation that cannot be cut.



Insert = Patented Heat Treated 110 Grain Proprietary Mammoth SR Stainless Steel Machined Insert Core



0 Static Spine @ 28 Inches


Nock = 5.5 Grains


GPI = 67.8 Grains Per Inch (first 4 inches of shaft)

GPI = 32.1 Grains Per Inch (last 29 inches of shaft)


Total Arrow Shaft Weight = Approximately 1203 GRAINS without fletchings/feathers or nock.


NOTE: This shaft works well with all weights and draw lengths of compounds with release aid and drop away rest or fishing whisker biscuit rest. This shaft is too stiff to shoot off the shelf for most recurve and longbows.  This zero spine shaft is best shot with a release aid rather than shooting tab or fingers with all types of bows.



NOTE: Six month wait time on this shaft.  It takes me several weeks to wait for drying times and many man hours to make this handcrafted shaft.  There will be times that I do not have the time to handcraft this shaft for you at any price.  Please call first if you are thinking about purchasing this McLaren, Lamborghini, Pagani, Ferrari hyper car influenced style of a one of a kind handcrafted arrow shaft. Call to check on availability and desired quantity before placing in your cart.  Thank you for checking out the Mammoth Rebar WSS - World's Stiffest Shaft. 


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