#BLOODFLOODS #BMA drilling “S” Predictable Chaos laceration holes rivaling

           three blade, four blade, mechanical, expandable and other single bevel designs

           of all cutting diameters.      


            PATENT PENDING:    


             > World’s 1st mass-produced single bevel head of 3X impact resistant S7 TOOL STEEL!

             > First 630 grain, 4 inch long cutting blade dangerous game broadhead manufacturer.

             > On July 4th 2016 released the thickest bladed broadhead ever mass produced in the world.

             > Industry leading Bidirecitonal Mechanical Advantage (BMA) research and development.      

             > Statistical propensity for “S” Predictable Chaos (SPC) bone splitting & gaping exit holes.

             > S7 STEEL...plus 40 degree blade & trailing edge single bevel = robust edge retention.

             > Conical ferrule, no bloodgroves/indentations, or noisy vents thus increasing BMA & SPC.

             > 58 Rockwell S7, where stainless & inferior tool steels become brittle at this hardness.

             > .072” THICK, or THICKER proprietary coated blades on ALL of our models.

             > Modern anti-tip curl sub 3:1 ratios fly at all FPS with field-tip POI past 100 yards (630 gr. n/a).

             > Research driven 3X anti-tip curl cut on contact tanto tip machined out of S7 Tool Steel.

             > 3X less propensity for broadhead and spin testing failure even after hardest of hits.

             > One-piece S7 machined tool steel spin test perfection, wind drift resistant & quiet in flight.

             > Shorter, stouter, S7 machined tool steel thick bladed, high FPS compatible drilling designs.

             > Multiple metric USA birthed Patent Pending >>>=========>   “World’s Most Lethal”




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